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I love learning how to hear God's voice, to thrive in motherhood and ministry and learning how to enjoy God and that is what you will find me writing about here. 

But this blog is here to serve YOU!

It was created to inspire a quiet corner in your busy life for moments between you and God.  

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Let's be friends, here is a little more about me... 

I am a British missionary living in Lima, Peru. I have been married to Mark for 14 years.  He is my best friend, my greatest encourager and an incredibly faithful and passionate man. We have three bundles of energy, Daniel, Joel & Kaleb. 

Together, Mark and I lead Oikos Ministries in Peru, where we oversee a church in Lima and also spend time supporting native Shipibo pastors in the Amazon Jungle.  We live in community, which means we often cook for lots of people, our doorbell rings at least 15 times a day, we have almost lost track of who has keys and we have tried out all the different birthday cakes in the local shop (lemon meringue pie - yum!). 

When I am not mothering or ministering, I love to spend time writing, thinking, playing piano and re-designing things (kitchens, guinea-pig cages...). I also spend time homeschooling the boys which may or may not involve dancing whilst we cook in the kitchen; jumping on beds to times tables; marching and singing around the dining-room table and snuggling up with snacks to read many a book together . 

Our family are passionate about seeing people come to know God, growing in intimacy with Him, hearing His calling for their lives and living it out.  

So now you know who I am, I would love to hear from you! Please do introduce yourself below! 

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My Prayer


Lord, when I write, 

Let it be out of faith, not fear, 

Let it be courageous and confident, 

Yet humble and vulnerable, 

Out of my offered soul, 

May it bless Your heart. 


Lord, when I mother, 

Let it be fully trusting, fearing nothing,  

Undaunted and unflinching, 

On my knees with my arms wide open, 

The best out of my worst,

May it bless Your heart. 


Lord, when I lead, 

Let me be sure of Your voice, not the whispers of the enemy, 

Daring and determined

Yet accountable and approachable, 

Leaning into You, 

May it bless Your heart. 


Lord, when I love, 

Let me choose to believe not doubt,  

Bravely and abundantly, 

Yielded and wholeheartedly, 

From all that is within, 

May it bless Your heart.