Month 3: Prayer

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How journalling transformed my prayer life

Do you ever write down your prayers? Writing down my prayers transformed the way I prayed... 

5 things intercession is not 

Over the years we have been praying regularly in our church God has shown us several things about interceding for others. We have learned by making mistakes.

6 ways to pray visually

Take a peek at my private journals as I show you some creative ways to pray using paper and pens and be inspired to try a different form of prayer. 

7 Reasons why I don't pray

We all find it difficult to pray sometimes.  Here are 7 reasons why I sometimes find it difficult to pray. How many can you relate to?

What is listening prayer? 

How can we develop a relationship with God where we can recognize His presence and know His guidance in our lives? 

4 steps to strategically pray and see breakthrough

Sometimes to pray consistently for those things on our hearts it helps to have a strategy. Here are some ideas to help!