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Massage Chair

Although I don’t feel a raw grief any more about Solomon’s death, since August, I have found myself becoming stressed more easily. I have had less patience with my children. Less patience with my husband. I have had to be more conscious in seeking God’s peace in all areas of my life and not just in the areas connected with Solomon’s death.

Being able to have a back massage in my neighbourhood for the price of a Starbucks coffee and cookie means it is an affordable way to help lower my blood pressure!

During the massage I was thinking about how important self-control is in order to maintain the peace and relaxation in my body when I returned home – what is the point of getting a massage if ten minutes later I am tearing my hair out when one of my kids spills a drink or pulls his nappy off for the third time today?

And then, as my head was being pummeled and pushed and my hair pulled in various directions (ow!), I thought about worship.

I think for so long I have missed the point.

Times of worship are to lead us into God’s presence and to experience intimacy with our Creator, so that that intimacy can flow into our lives.

How often do I really think about how I can maintain that intimacy throughout my day?

How often do I consciously maintain self-control in order to keep that connection?

Let the name of the LORD be praised, both now and forevermore – Psalm 113:2

I am not very good at it. But hence, that makes me want to worship more!

How can we consciously and purposefully keep our minds in a place of worship and intimacy?

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