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Wholehearted Prayer

Lord, when I write, 

Let it be out of faith, not fear, 

Let it be courageous and confident, 

Yet humble and vulnerable, 

Out of my offered soul, 

May it bless Your heart. 

Lord, when I mother, 

Let it be fully trusting, fearing nothing,  

Undaunted and unflinching, 

On my knees with my arms wide open, 

The best out of my worst,

May it bless Your heart. 

Lord, when I lead, 

Let me be sure of Your voice, not the whispers of the enemy, 

Daring and determined 

Yet accountable and approachable, 

Leaning into You, 

May it bless Your heart. 

Lord, when I love, 

Let me choose to believe not doubt,  

Bravely and abundantly, 

Yielded and wholeheartedly, 

From all that is within, 

May it bless Your heart. 

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