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Pausing and taking a break

More than anything, I want to be known in heaven as a lover of Jesus.  I want to look back on my life and see that my decisions were made on loving Jesus well.  

You may have noticed that I haven’t written much on my blog recently.  I have half a dozen unfinished blogposts of things I am mulling over but never felt fully able to finish and there are two reasons for that: 

1. Life is so busy and I am trying to be faithful in loving God and my family before doing other things. 

2. I am feeling a wall of discouragement against me in terms of writing and I am trying to discern if that is a sign to push through with writing here on the blog or if it is actually right for me to shift my writing focus for a while. 

God is speaking to me about writing on the pilgrimage of motherhood.  Slowly I am working through several posts / chapters, and they are taking much of my writing time.  And perhaps, I just need to realise that that is okay.  Perhaps my writing focus at this time needs to be in more of a hidden place.  

But I would love you to pray for me. 

Would you pray firstly that I would hear God clearly on His timing and will for my writing? 

Would you pray that if it is His will, I would find a writing mentor, who I can be accountable with and thrash out ideas / get wisdom from? 

Would you pray that writing would never become a distraction from seeking Him.  My heart’s desire is to be faithful always to Him, and to serve Him as a demonstration of my love to him.  

Thank you for your prayers, friendships and encouragements.   If you come back here and I still haven’t posted anything new, perhaps you would keep praying for me about the next steps? 


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