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When Worship is... Like Changing Dirty Nappies

When Worship is... Like Changing Dirty Nappies

Recently, as I have joined the worship group, I have realised that God wants to teach me about worship again. This is the first part of a six part series on worship.  These posts are not meant to be definitions of worship, but rather a collection of reflections of the obstacles and delights that I face when it comes to being a pure worshipper.  

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...Like Changing Dirty Nappies

When I had a newborn baby, I expected to be changing a lot of nappies (or diapers for my American friends!).  Perhaps, I was surprised by the sheer quantity in the first few months, but I knew that much of the early months would be spent changing and changing nappies and clothes.  

But when God gives me a spiritual baby, suddenly I am surprised when things aren’t easy or fun at times.  I mean, they can be fun.  I’m not saying cleaning up poop is fun, but most parents do have good memories of tickling tummies and smiles and giggles as a nappy change is done.  There is some joy to be found! But most parents don’t count nappy changing in the overwhelming feelings of joy they have for their newborns! 

Last week I was praying about my role with the worship group. God has been leading me towards helping with the worship group for a while and I was seeking His confirmation about joining, mainly due to other time commitments. As well as having some words given to me specifically about worship, I also had a dream where I had a baby girl which we called Kate.  As I was praying about the meaning in the morning I did not have the sense that we were about to get pregnant with a baby girl (statistics say otherwise anyway!) but I felt God saying that the baby was worship.  Interestingly Kate means ‘pure’  - the essence of true worship.  

Two days later, I dreamed of Kate again and having to change and change and change her.  

Suddenly I realised that the internal struggles and adjustments I am having joining the group (trying to see my specific role, seeing things for improvement in the group but wanting to understand fully before offering suggestions, trying to play songs in different keys) are just part of the new baby process - not signs that I am not meant to be there.  I need to expect them and not be discouraged by them.  And it is okay to not find certain things enjoyable too.  But just like the changing nappy smiles, there is joy to be found if I really look for it.  

Have you started doing something new recently which has its unenjoyable bits? How can you look past the dirty nappies and find the joy in the gift you have been given? 

Let us not become weary in doing good, 

for at the proper time we will reap a harvest

if we do not give up. 

Galatians 6:9

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