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Overcoming my Fear for the New Year

Do you ever have times when you know you are processing something in your mind but you can’t quite grasp what? There has been an unsettling in my spirit about the new year that I haven’t been able to put my finger on but has manifested in a holding back. 


When I think about my life and our ministry in Peru, I want to see God do everything He wants to do through us.  But present in my heart is also a fear and resistance which says something like: ...

Is the Holy Spirit a bully?

I am a missionary and I hate going up and talking to strangers.  Does anyone see an irony there?

One of the callings that I know is on my life is to share with others about Jesus.  To let people know that there is a Beautiful One who invites them to have relationship with Him and saves them out of all the nastiness of life without Him. 

If others initiate conversation, if there is even just a glimmer of relationship, I am able to chat freely and openly with them.  But if some one is going about their business, I do not want to interrupt.  Anyone else here an introvert with similar feelings?! 

There has been a voice in my head recently that has been saying this:...

Is it okay to rest when everyone else is striving?

These last few months have been a rollercoaster of storm-calm-storm-calm etc.  For some reason, I find the 'storms' emotionally easier to respond to than the calms.  The calms are what often send me over the edge, but what often feel like an inappropriate time to suddenly be overwhelmed with anxiety and panic! Over the next few weeks I plan to share some thoughts with you on engaging with rest in the midst of 'normal', 'calm' but busy life, but today I wanted to share a post I wrote back in March on leading others in the midst of crisis...