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Why being passive is bad for you

Awaking from a dream this week I was stressed out.  I hadn’t been chased by hooded phantoms, nearly flattened by an elephant or had to pack up my whole house to move in 5 minutes time.  I wasn’t freefalling into a pot of glue. I was just having to sit in a classroom at school. 


And not for the reasons you might think...

In this together

I am a better person when I slow down. 


For some reason, (probably because I am a wannabe-don’t wannabe perfectionist), I constantly try and improve my life and create perfect scenarios.  Some of this is positive.  It is good to take time out to evaluate different areas of my life, relationships, my home, our ministry, our marriage, our parenting and see where things are not working out so well and make a plan for change.  But why do I suddenly think that with that plan in place, suddenly everything will be perfect? ...