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Twelve months of Grace

My spirit adores spending time with God.  Over time my spirit has become increasingly alive and finds joy and God in the smallest of things.  There are nights when I cannot fall asleep because my spirit just wants to sing and proclaim His greatness, and many a day when I wake up already in communion with God, joyful and ready for the day.  This is not and has not always been the case, however, but when my spirit is alive I feel like I am experiencing heaven right now. I can’t wait to spend eternity with God and at the same time love his precious closeness here. Is it possible to live a life so alive and full of heaven now? Is it possible for heaven to be a greater reality here on earth than earth itself? ... 

Come on!

It is my thirty-second birthday this week.  That comes as a surprise to me because I have been thinking I am thirty-two for several months now.  It might be something to do with the Peruvian habit of always referring to the age you are going to be next birthday when you are asked how old you are...

Last post talked about days I trudge through mud. I don’t want the implication to be that we just have to wait for joy to come back to us – I am just saying there are days when joy seems to be there waiting for me when I wake up, and others I really have to fight against a dark cloud.  


So what are the things I do to fight?