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Getting bored of church inside four walls

Meeting God in creation this month is making me feel like the woman at the well in John 4.  Day after day she endured the heat of the day desperate for water - the essential life-giving water. She did what was necessary to get the water she needed.  I don’t know what it tasted like - was it even fresh-tasting? Did it have bits of sand and grit in it? Does it matter? It was necessary for survival.  

And yet Jesus meets her at this daily routine and tells her that the water she has been enduring many a mid-day sun to obtain is nothing compared to His water.  Her water is from a non-moving water source - a well. It sustains but there is nothing beautiful about it. It is hard to get and requires daily drudgery.  His water, on the other hand, His living water, He compares to a natural spring - which never dries up and is always available and whose taste is exquisitely refreshing....