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Turning 30 - Quiz time!

Turning 30 - Quiz time!

Turning 30, I have turned into my Dad and wrote a quiz for my girl friends this afternoon whilst I was waiting for them to turn up! 

A few of my close friends - am so grateful for the people God has put around me! 

A few of my close friends - am so grateful for the people God has put around me! 

There are 30 questions and each question corresponds to that year of my life: 

Some of the questions are rather obscure, and were not so much to see what people knew about me, but were rather to get some comical answers back!  

There were 5 girlies there and the top score was 16, followed by 11.5 and 11. 

When I got home I asked Mark the questions and he got 24.  He has encouraged me to put this on.  How many would you get / guess right?! 

  1. What time was I born (to the nearest hour)? 
  2. What food did my Dad feed me as a baby when I woke up in the night and he assumed I must be hungry? 
  3. What number house did I live at when I was 3?  
  4. ‘Cow biscuits’ were my favourite snack at play school - why did I call them ‘cow biscuits’? 
  5. What did I dress up as in my nursery school Christmas play? 
  6. When I was six, how many Anna’s were in my class at school? (including me) 
  7. What was my favourite sport at school?
  8. Name one country I went on holiday to as a child.  
  9. What bone did I break when I tried to get my diary off my brother when he had stolen it, locked himself in the bathroom and was reading it out loud to me?  
  10. What was my favourite animal as a child? (I’d never seen one in real life, but I collected photos of them and made a whole wall collection of them. P.S. It is a British animal.)  
  11. What mode of transport did I travel to secondary (high) school every day? 
  12. The name of the first guy I kissed (guess!) 
  13. My first period - loved it or hated it?! 
  14. What instrument did I play at school? 
  15. Which hollywood star was my number 1 crush as a teenager? 
  16. I received a bouncing Tigger for my 16th birthday (which I still have, although he’s lost his bounce!) but who was my favourite Winnie the Pooh character? 
  17. Where did I meet Mark? 
  18. Which university did I go to?
  19. Where did Mark and I go on our honeymoon? 
  20. Name the 3 countries Mark and I lived in the year I turned 20. 
  21. Which month of the year did I become pregnant with Daniel? (he was born in November 2006)  
  22. How many weeks was I in hospital around Daniel’s birth?
  23. Who did we stay with for 3 months when we first moved to Peru?
  24. Where was Joel born? (at home / in a hospital / country?) 
  25. Who were the two interns who stayed with us in Surco the year I was 25? 
  26. Around Solomon’s death, I started two hobbies, what were they?  
  27. What did Joel present to Kaleb on the day he was born?
  28. Where did Joel and Daniel do summer sports? 
  29. How did Mark and I celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary last year? (Keep it clean!) 
  30. Name one thing that is still on my “to do” list. (


1. (2.10pm) 

2. (Banana)

3. (36) 

4. (They had a picture cow in the top) 

5. (Snowman) 

6. (3)

7.  (Athletics) 

8. (Spain, US, Portugal, Slovenia, France)

9. (toe)

10. (Fox)

11. (Train) 

12. (Tom) 

13. (hated) 

14. (Viola) 

15. (Leo Di Caprio!) 

16. (Eeyore) 

17. (Stoneleigh church camp) 

18. (Sheffield) 

19. (Kenya) 

20. (UK, France, Spain) 

21. (April - he was 2 months premature)

22.  (7) 

23. (Jono) 

24. (At home, Surco, Lima, Peru) 

25. (Chloe, Holly) 

26. (Writing and gardening)

27. (A rock) 

28. (Club Cultural) 

29. (Going to a hotel) 

30.  Publish a book, have another baby, make a quilt, learn to play classical chill-out on the piano...) 

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