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Receiving blessing

Last night someone told me they had a vision of a house with open doors and ducks. Little did they know, they were describing my dream house as a child. My dream house would have one of those split stable– kitchen doors that lead onto the garden, with a river at the bottom. I dreamed of having white ducks in the garden, paddling in the river or wandering into the kitchen.

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It seemed weird to be reminded of this. It made me feel uncomfortable about my worldly desires. And let's face it, in reality, keeping ducks would probably be rather messy and impractical! But I felt God saying he wants to awaken me to something more. It is not about getting my dream house or seeking after that, but it is about being willing to accept blessings from heaven.

Because we work with some very poor people here in Peru, even having a lovely house and all that we need and more seems uncomfortable at times. But I know that God chose this house for us, that it is essential for our ministry and lastly, HE WANTED TO BLESS US! Why do I find that so uncomfortable?

I think it is partly the unease I feel towards a prosperity-type Gospel that I interpret (perhaps wrongly) to mean ‘seek after wealth’ instead of Matthew 6:33. I don’t like the idea of demanding things from God, and I find it is perhaps even dangerous, when it leads us to feeling faithless when we don’t have it.

But on the other end, can I enjoy and grateful and gracefully receive the blessings God does want to pour out on my life?And recognise that ultimately they are to be a blessing to others too?

I guess it starts with a place of inner contentment and humility (both of which are constant struggles.) If I am content with what I have now, then any blessing is truly a blessing, an undeserved gift from a Loving Father.

And if I am truly going to bless those we minister to, I first have to be blessed – I can’t draw water from a dry well.

Where is God asking you to receive an undeserved blessing from Him?

How does He want you to bless others out of the blessing you have received?

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. - Matthew 6:33

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