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A gift from God

‘The treasure is hidden

Now go and find

The secrets wrapped up’

Tenderly, excitedly, seductively

I run laughing to find them

Amongst the dewy trees

Amongst the Spring flowers

Laying by the canal

Primroses yellow and buttercups

The heaviness of hay tickling my nose,

Bunnies peeking then scampering into burrows.

I find the present amongst the sparkling grass

All shiny silver with a metallic blue bow,

Competing with the glittering grass

Holding it in my hand, I stare at it, smiling,

And then pull one bow tip.

The knot comes undone slowly

I feel the rough silver tread in the blue bow on my fingertips

The silver paper comes away and inside is

A large jar

Full of beautiful butterflies.

I hold them up to the light

The rays bounce off the magical dusty colours

I know not whether to

keep them in the jar

To try and keep the beautiful gift

Or let them go.

But really, I know, I have to let them go,

Because if I don’t they will die.

I twist the lid and the butterflies hover calmly

Before fluttering all around me.

They are not scared

They just flutter and rest on my arms

One settles on the back of my hand

And I see the turquoise glint

In the royal blue shapes.

Then they fly, high,

The wings flapping goodbye and thank you

And I am left in awe.

Calling and Completion