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A Mother’s Beatitudes

A mother's beatitudes. The Beatitudes as applied to mothers #mothers #motherslove #mothersday 

How blessed I am when I admit I have nothing of value to give

For my Father sprinkles my day with His riches


How blessed I am when I embrace endings

For in that soil new shoots spring forth


How blessed I am when I lay down my pride

For new territory can be won and occupied in my life


How blessed I am when I endeavor to do the right thing, although others may complain

Their complaints, turned to thanks, bless my heart


How blessed I am when I quickly forgive and extend grace

Then I understand God’s grace and my unworthiness to judge as I too am quickly forgiven


How blessed I am when all the distractions are held back (my complaints, the internet, my worries)

For God dwells in my day

How blessed I am when I choose to come alongside those who are struggling

For when I do, God affirms me as His child, being like my Daddy


How blessed I am when storms arise and arrows are launched at me

For they are opportunities for breakthrough for God’s glory to be manifest in my life


How blessed I am when I am misunderstood, bad-mouthed and misrepresented to others

My heart’s intentions and focus will be made clear in heaven – I am not alone – it is the same of all those who seek to proclaim God.

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