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The wisdom in Nature

Recently I have been looking at nature and how it points us to God.  A few weeks ago I was on women's retreat with some lovely Lima missionaries.  Because baby Kaleb came too and likes to rise early, I managed to experience the beautiful sunrises in the Lima foothills! 

Here is what I wrote in my journal that first morning…

As the sun rose in Lima at 6.14am, all the birds began to crescendo. Walking quietly down the lane, baby in arms, the birds were all busy – a mother pigeon feeding two young upon a lamppost; a feathery couple chasing each other in and out the bushes; a bee, huge and black humming around the lavender and hummingbirds hovering silently on the lavender too – taking a long drink after a night of silence.  I ask God to show me wisdom and He shows me two priorities for every day – worship and praise on awaking – just like creation’s song, and then drawing oh so close to Him and drinking deep of His presence – the nectar to sustain the day.

Morning’s victory dance;

Pigeons belting out their fine coos, like overenthusiastic choir members;

Hummingbirds dancing ballet nervously on the open pink petals;

Huge black bee buzzing self-assuredly where he pleases;

Butterflies floating in and out, cautious of being someone else’s breakfast, but desperate for relief from nighttime’s thirst;

A hawk, majestic and sure, hovering where heat is rising from the earth;

And the sun,
Already lighting the sky,
Humble yet radiant,
Climbs to the mountain top and smiles over the rim,
Floating higher like a balloon,
Gaining strength all the while.

And I stand in human silence,
Amidst nature’s crescendo,
Ears attentive
Eyes absorbing
Arms heavy with a fascinated babe,
Thanking my Maker for the beautiful start to another day.

God sets out the entire creation as a science classroom, using birds and beasts to teach wisdom
Job 35:11 (MSG) 

Stop being a baby!

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