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Is there such a thing as Spirit-filled Sex? Part 2


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Okay, I am still a little red in the cheeks from yesterday’s post, but I felt like there was another thing that the Holy Spirit showed me when I asked God to show me what sex was about from an eternal perspective.

One of my ponderings was, if we have access to the fullness of the Spirit as children of God, and there is a filling of the Spirit which raises our Spirits with joy – is there such a thing as Spirit-filled sex? Is there an act of worship that can be done in having sex? Is there a closeness and level of intimacy with God that can be found during sex?

What I realized is this: sex should be an act of faith.  And faith is what pleases God.

Hang on a minute, what do you mean?

Well, one of the things I have come to realize over the years, and am still trying to do, is realize that sex is an act of service to your spouse.  It was never meant to be about ourselves.  And for women especially, it takes time (years…decades…?) to become trusting enough with your spouse and God to be able to lay your own fears, needs, and discomforts to one side and to focus on pleasuring your spouse.  (I mean, isn’t just getting naked and being cooperative, serving him enough?!)

Many an evening I have been exhausted and not in the least felt like sex.  Some nights I just decline, apologetic, and turn the light off quick before he gets any more ideas, but other nights I hear God asking me: will you trust Me?  Do I trust that He will give me energy, tomorrow, to replace any lost sleep? Will I choose to give out, not of what I don’t have, but by drawing on His resources instead?  Will I give him my loaves and fish and give thanks and trust? Suddenly, the eternal perspective I wondered about (see Part 1) comes into view…

When I choose to serve others in my community when I feel like I have little to give, when I stay and pray with someone; or receive someone in for counseling when I was really looking forward to a night off, I have to rely on Him for strength, and it is in that moment that miracles happen, and I always feel His love afterwards. I may be weary physically, but my Spirit is always alive knowing I have chosen well.  

And when I choose to serve my spouse over seeking pleasure for myself, I step out in faith.  God has to help me to put my husband first, and to want to serve him.  And when I do seek his preferences, I often need His help.  And it is in that moment that miracles happen and His love mixes with our love and then I believe truly there is such a thing as Spirit-filled sex.  Because when I make the choice to love in action, my spirit becomes alive with Him, and I know I have chosen well. 

And why wouldn’t God be interested in miracles happening in the bedroom as well as beyond?  

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