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Kitchen Diaries Part 3: Embracing Upheaval

Kitchen Diaries Part 3: Embracing Upheaval

We are into the final weeks of our kitchen being done.  Hopefully, hopefully, everything will be done in the next two weeks… Last week the worktops were laid and this week the floor was put in.  I had been hoping for it all to take one month, but it is going to be more like two.  

Knowing that we are living in limbo, ‘in the desert’, has been difficult at times.  We have a temporary kitchen set up on our patio so we are managing fine with cooking meals, but I am very much looking forward to things having their own spaces to be again and a less crowded garden and dining room! With the excitement of it being done, but it taking so much longer than anticipated, it has meant I have had lots of time to grow in patience and perseverance!


One of the things I have been asking God to teach me is how to embrace upheaval - how to be content and joyful in the midst of transition, not just grin and bear it. 


He reminded me of the Israelites and their time in the desert.  He always provided enough for them to eat and drink in those times - in a supernatural way through the manna.  But their hearts grew weary and sick of eating manna day after day.  


Sometimes the supernatural can become normal and unexciting and I can identify with that and that is just not right! I want to be someone who doesn’t become blasé about the great things God is doing - who becomes dissatisfied with His supernatural provision.  I want to be faithful with honoring His Presence so that I can be entrusted with more.   


So I asked God to show me the keys for joy on those days of hard slog. Those days when progress is slow, when I am embracing patience with just wearily placing one foot in front of the other.  Because one foot in front of the other is a great start, but really, supernaturally, there should be a wholehearted joy in God’s kingdom being worked out! 


This is what He showed me: 


Joy on the journey comes from looking up and remembering everything God has done. It is about counting out those things I am grateful for now - that supernatural manna I am so tempted to complain about and take for granted. It starts with a grateful heart.  


And so I am so thankful for everything God is doing and has done in my life. 


I am thankful for all the miracles God has done in providing for our family, month after month, giving us food on the table not only for our family but for our community of leaders and students as well. 


I am thankful for an awesome team and students who’s hearts are being changed and inspired.  


I am thankful for the provision of money for the kitchen, for every hurdle leading to a moment of new inspiration for a different part of the kitchen.  


I am thankful for those who are working in the kitchen and those who are helping out.  


I am thankful for God’s guidance in buying things and where. 


I am thankful for everything God is teaching us through the kitchen - about embracing upheaval and cost and joy and inspiration and how everything, even transforming a room can be an opportunity to grow in relationship with God, an opportunity to be inspired and led and brought into deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit.  


I am thankful…and hopeful… and trying very hard to be grateful on the journey to the promised land! 

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances
— 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
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