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Seasons of Creativity

How is your new year going? Does it feel like a new season? It is Summer right now in Peru and we are abiding as a community - spending lots of time resting, spending time together socially, sorting through things and preparing for the new school year which starts in March here.  Having spent time resting over Christmas I feel excited and expectant about what God is going to do this year.  Right now I am in a season of preparation and deepening roots...

Machu Picchu with the kids

Join in a photo journey around the World Wonder of Machu Picchu through the eyes of the boys.  In this post I share how we got there and some tips for sightseeing with kids and find out who didn't like the ruins so much...

Mountains, lakes, caves and ruins

There is something restorative about getting out into nature. Join me as we go on a photo journey of some time we spent in Cusco visiting mountains, lakes, caves and ruins as a family.  And find out why nature is so important for our mental health. 

Go Outside!

This morning as I got out of bed, the balcony door had been left open and in slid a crisp, inviting, fresh morning air.  I took it to be an invitation from the Lord to go outside for my quiet time and meet Him in Creation. 

Daniel and Kaleb were already up so I asked them if they wanted to come with me and together we walked the four blocks down to the sea front. I know it sounds idyllic, but it really is not...