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I cannot do this anymore

Last week I wrote about how much I feel paralyzed by the inability to do big things or things I feel I should.  Yesterday I was not feeling great, Mark was sick in bed and I was preaching in the morning.  I find it hard doing ministry when Mark is not around as the boys still needed walking through social situations (one of our children still struggles with having so many people around in our house and interacting in socially appropriate ways around them - a lot of fun in community living!). In the afternoon it was the first birthday party of our friends' child.  I was there at little David’s birth, so it was a significant birthday for me to be at and to celebrate and I wanted to be there.  But by the time 5 o’clock came round, the party had started and I was asleep and wiped out! I wanted to attend the party but I also knew that I needed to make the children some food first or else they would just fill up on party food and that would not be helpful for anyone.  Believe me...

Last post talked about days I trudge through mud. I don’t want the implication to be that we just have to wait for joy to come back to us – I am just saying there are days when joy seems to be there waiting for me when I wake up, and others I really have to fight against a dark cloud.  


So what are the things I do to fight?