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If I...

If I homeschool to win love, I become disappointed when the children don’t engage with my activities or my plan.

If I homeschool through love, I am patient, encouraging and persevering, and willing to change the plan.

If I cook to win love, I feel it has been pointless if someone does not like the food, or criticizes a part of it.

If I cook through love, I am satisfied that hungry mouths are fed and any complaints are between them and God.

If I love my husband to win love, I feel resentful, cheated and justified in angry words when he doesn’t respond in the way I hoped.

If I love my husband through love, I am able to truly love, no matter how he responds or how long it takes for him to receive that love.

If I do the washing up to win love, and no one notices or acknowledges it, I feel unappreciated.

If I do the washing up through love, I remember that what is done in secret, my Heavenly Father will reward.

If I speak to win love, my words become messy and I say too much, trying to convince others of my point of view.

If I speak through love, I spend more time listening and only humbly offer an encouraging word or a timely challenge.

If I teach to win love, I forget that the Spirit has a purpose for each person listening and I try to impress rather than listen closely to His prompting.

If I teach through love, the talk flows surprisingly and despite my efforts, people connect with something I thought insignificant.

If I lead others to win love, hoping they’ll respect me more or recognize how gifted I am, I feel ashamed at the emptiness when I begin to pray, and I am scared to release others least they become better than me.

If I lead others through love, I see divine appointments happen, people released into their destinies and raised up to go beyond anywhere I could go – I see a legacy in heaven.

Oh, Lord, please only let me look to you to win love!

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