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An Unhurried Path

Often I think the destination is the goal -

The thing most important.

I have got it all wrong.

It is not the end result that matters to God

As so much as the journey on the way.

Am I willing to unhurry down the path?

Will I acknowledge the wisdom to be found on the way?

Can I learn from the splendor of the wise deep marks,

In the solid steady trees,

(Once delicate shoots hopeful in the soil)?

Will I uncover the stones and discover a momentary world

Just for me?

Will I fear the oncoming darkness,

Or will I look to where the light is blending,

Dancing off the trees?

Can I still myself to hear not only

The many birds calling each other to rest

But also to hear My Creator’s same urging:

Desist and learn that I am God”?

If I...

Calling and Completion