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Stress less: Jesus' 2 tips

What would be your two top anti-stress tips? I bet they are not the same as Jesus’ observations on what will bring true rest in Him!

My top two ideas would probably be stopping and breathing deeply and counting to three, and thankfulness...

...but Jesus’ top two are:

Why being passive is bad for you

Awaking from a dream this week I was stressed out.  I hadn’t been chased by hooded phantoms, nearly flattened by an elephant or had to pack up my whole house to move in 5 minutes time.  I wasn’t freefalling into a pot of glue. I was just having to sit in a classroom at school. 


And not for the reasons you might think...

Is the Holy Spirit a bully?

I am a missionary and I hate going up and talking to strangers.  Does anyone see an irony there?

One of the callings that I know is on my life is to share with others about Jesus.  To let people know that there is a Beautiful One who invites them to have relationship with Him and saves them out of all the nastiness of life without Him. 

If others initiate conversation, if there is even just a glimmer of relationship, I am able to chat freely and openly with them.  But if some one is going about their business, I do not want to interrupt.  Anyone else here an introvert with similar feelings?! 

There has been a voice in my head recently that has been saying this:...

My Unforgiveable Sin

In the last few weeks I would say I have had the foundations re-done in my faith house.  It is not that I ever desired or even thought about turning my back on God, but I found myself in a some very uncomfortable soul renovations.  After I had the miscarriage I felt responsible for the death of the baby.  Whether that is true or not is really irrelevant and besides the point - I wasn’t purposefully trying to kill my child, but what it meant is that I struggled with an un-shruggable feeling of guilt for a while...

One Thing That Robs me of Joy

It’s around 5pm when I am really struggling with joy this week.  I feel tired and as the children get ready for bed and peace reigns somewhere around 8pm, I feel like I should do something productive with the last couple of hours before 10pm, but all I feel like doing is nothing.  My mornings feel full of joy, with the conscious effort of putting on joy, but by mid-afternoon I feel dissatisfied with my effectiveness and anxiety sets in about how to be productive with any ‘spare time’ I have. 

As I sit this morning and write out all the things that are making me anxious, I realize that in all the different situations what I need to know is whether to push through or let go...

It's Going to be Okay

Sometimes the questions are too big.  The future is too unknown.  Sometimes the answers are not there. Or not what I want to hear.  Sometimes I don’t need the answers, but rather just the assurance that it’s going to be okay...